To be successful, your plan must be implemented. We have developed a disciplined process to implement your investments. This process includes:

  • Transferring assets.
  • Phasing in investments.
  • Managing the allocation and selection of investments.
  • Coordinating planning strategies with your accountant and estate planning lawyer.



Transferring assets involves gathering various identifying information from you, preparing the necessary paperwork, and gathering your signature. Notably, we make sure to coordinate titling issues with your plan in consultation with your accountant and estate planning lawyer. Titling issues, of course, include who owns what. Sometimes ownership can get complicated, especially when navigating a liquidity event to maximize tax efficiency. For instance, expectations for appreciation and tax rates can influence whether assets should be held inside or outside the estate or pursuant to one strategy over another. Ownership can also get complicated with prenuptial agreements. Understanding the agreement is key. Then we can title assets in line with the agreement to ensure joint and separate property remain as such.

Phase In:

Phasing in investments varies depending on whether your assets are in cash or already invested. If your assets are in cash, we typically phase in your investments over a certain period of time for dollar-cost averaging. If your assets are already invested, we typically transfer your assets in kind and analyze the unrealized gain or loss If that gain or loss exists in the positions we want to sell then we develop a plan to recognize that gain or loss as we thoughtfully transition from your prior allocation to your new allocation. Sometimes it makes sense to recognize the entire gain or loss in the current year, and sometimes it makes sense to spread that gain or loss over more than one year. We will help you decide the best course for your situation.

Managing the allocation and selection of investments for your investment strategy requires a great deal of on-going work. We engage in this on-going work on an independent platform with a full depth and breadth of resources. This platform allows us to be better fiduciaries, free to focus on what is best for you without being limited by institutional bias or proprietary solutions.

We engage in this on-going work within the framework of a clearly defined investment philosophy by:

  • Constructing strategic allocations based on historical metrics and correlations to optimize risk-return ratios.
  • Synthesizing global market and economic intelligence from multiple institutional resources.
  • Making tactical adjustments based on a current view of the markets, including domestic and global economic perspectives, historical and relative valuations, and geopolitical risks, among other factors.
  • Engaging in a thorough due diligence of all investments, managing risk thoughtfully and focusing on people, philosophy, process, and performance.
  • Tailoring solutions for you.

We tailor solutions for you by constructing an investment strategy to meet your unique needs and risk tolerance. Also, we approach the markets with a family wealth management perspective and make investment decisions within the context of your entire balance sheet. Notably, we do not attempt to time the markets. Rather, we stay invested at all times in accordance with your objectives.


Coordinating planning strategies with your accountant and estate planning lawyer typically involves discussions among the team of professional advisors followed by discussions with you. The frequency of discussions depends on the complexity of your planning strategies. Whatever the frequency or complexity, we often coordinate the effort, working to ensure everyone stays focused until completion.