After we gather information about you, we help you plan. Specifically, we:

  • Analyze various spending and investment scenarios.
  • Evaluate your choices.
  • Consider various planning strategies.

We make recommendations, and you are empowered to make decisions.



With information about you, we analyze various spending and investment scenarios. These scenarios help us identify the effects of certain decisions. For instance, we explore the effect of spending more or less than your target spend rate. We also explore the effect of investing more conservatively or aggressively than your initial estimate of risk tolerance. If needed, we can analyze additional variations as we identify what scenarios most closely resemble your situation.


With the analysis, we help you evaluate your choices. Choices often include how much to spend, how much to retain, how to manage your assets, and how to manage your liabilities. How we manage your assets depends on your unique situation. For some it may include a variety of investment strategies for diversification. For others it may include establishing categories for income, preservation, and growth. The growth category may include a portfolio of illiquid assets, such as private equity and real estate. Sometimes these assets exist already, and sometimes they need to be built out over time. Either way, we consider and often account for the evolving nature of the overall asset mix by making adjustments to the liquid assets. For example, we sometimes take a barbell approach by investing the liquid assets conservatively while the illiquid assets involve greater risk due to concentration. Other times we take a coordinated approach, filling in categories over time based on income flows (from an on-going liquidity event for example) and investment opportunities as they arise.


We also help you consider various planning strategies, depending on your unique circumstances. These strategies are often for:

  • Liquidity events.
  • Taxes.
  • Estate planning.
  • Wealth transfers.
  • Charitable giving.
  • Asset protection.
  • Business succession.
  • Retirement.

These strategies are often best considered using a team approach with your wealth management team, accountant, and estate planning lawyer. We are uniquely positioned to collaborate with these other professionals and to coordinate the broader team. As your wealth management team, we usually have the most frequent interaction with you. We also have the ability to model ideas suggested by the team. Lastly, we have a former tax lawyer on our team who can help spot issues, propose strategies, and explore solutions in detail with the broader team. Notably, if you do not have an accountant or estate planning lawyer, or if you want to consider someone new, we can make introductions for you. We invest time in maintaining a network of well-respected professionals who can add value to you.


After evaluating your choices and considering various planning strategies, we make recommendations and you will be empowered to make decisions. Based on these decisions, we help you implement your plan.