First-Class Service

We focus on fewer, larger relationships. Doing so allows us to spend more time with you and to address details that often get ignored.

From the start, we connect you with our team of experienced professionals with complementary skills and diverse expertise—not one person with limited depth and breadth of knowledge. Our team is better equipped to:

  • Address complex wealth management issues, due to our additional skills and expertise.
  • Act as each other’s sounding board, challenging each other’s thinking to ensure the highest quality of advice.
  • Coordinate when you have an urgent request because you have more than one person to contact.

We often act as quarterback and coordinate with your accountant and estate planning lawyer to address tax, estate planning, asset protection, and investment issues. That way you can spend more time pursuing your passions. This effort to coordinate is important because without it the components of an overall plan often become disconnected.

We are uniquely positioned to collaborate with your other professionals and to coordinate the broader team. As your wealth management team, we usually have the most frequent interaction with you. We also have the ability to model ideas suggested by the team. Lastly, we have a former tax lawyer on our team who can help spot issues, propose strategies, and explore solutions in detail with the broader team. Notably, if you do not have an accountant or estate planning lawyer, or if you want to consider someone new, we can make introductions for you. We invest time in maintaining a network of well-respected professionals who can add value to you.

We invest in technology to help you stay on top of your finances. Examples include:

  • Quarterly summaries of investment performance.
  • Client website for you to aggregate account information from multiple financial institutions.
  • Tools for us to analyze various spending and investment scenarios and to model planning strategies.
  • An online vault for you to securely store and share documents.

Notably, you can access your online vault wherever there is an internet connection, so if you need to view or share an important document while on vacation you may do so. You may also grant access to others, like your accountant or estate planning lawyer, so you can share important documents with them easily and securely rather than photocopying documents or sending emails through an unsecure server.