Multi-Family Office

Wealthy individuals and families sometimes find that a byproduct of financial freedom is complexity. When it makes sense, you can engage our multi-family office (“MFO”) to help manage this complexity by being your family CFO and gatekeeper. Doing so typically makes sense when your net worth exceeds $25 million and your balance sheet includes or will include significant illiquid assets.

Our MFO services include:

  • Consulting for your entire balance sheet (not just your liquid investments), including building a private equity portfolio and coordinating a request for proposal process with other asset managers who provide a particular expertise.
  • Exploring and coordinating complex wealth transfer strategies.
  • Coordinating family meetings and family education regarding wealth management issues.
  • Providing additional reporting such as comprehensive performance reports of all investments (both liquid and illiquid) and consolidated financial statements.
  • Serving as a point of contact to ensure coordination and avoid duplication by filtering all proposals for your estate, liquid and illiquid investments, insurance, or business ventures.

Every relationship is different and presents unique complexities. As a result, not every relationship will require every MFO service we offer. When appropriate, we will have a conversation about your needs and customize a solution for your family.